A Thousand Kisses

The reading and reflexion upon Moses’ love-drunk letters to his far-away fiancee Natalia brought up in me feelings of great compassion about the fragile and ironic nature of human bonds.

Director:  Richard Goldgewicht
Executive Producer: Chrisian Oliver, Richard Goldgewicht
Producer: Eitan Rosenthal
Art Director &illustrations: Alan Dunne
Animation Director: Gustavo Wenzel
Animation team:
Santiago Germano
Gaston Perez
Gustavo Wenzel
Staring Voices: Christian Oliver and Elke Sommer
Sreenplay: Darcy Brislin
Music (Original score): Emanuele Arnone
Editor: Richard Goldgewicht
Sound Design: Cristiano Pinheiro / Punh Audio Brazil
Opening credits: Gorod
Animation Consultant: Guto Carvalho
Production Coordinator: Iaara Rosenthal


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